Fitness Workout for Men

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00:00 It Was More Of A Blur
00:58 These Plates Are Deceiving!
01:55 Off Days In Brian’s Weekly Training
02:47 It’s No Good To Be That Strong If You Can’t Work
04:02 No Fake Plates Or Chains In Brian’s Gym
06:01 Dynamic Effort Squats
06:44 Measuring Bar Speed
08:15 Competition & Gut Check
09:53 Make Goals Outside The Box
10:41 You’ve Got 2 Options
12:29 We’re A Well-Oiled Machine
14:34 Autoregulation Comes With Experience
14:54 Clickbait Fulfilled- Thank You Big House
17:46 Whose Brain Came Up With This?
18:38 This Workout Is An Adventure
19:03 My Goal Is To Break This Bike
20:50 Gotta Leave Your Ego At The Door Doing Flutter Kicks

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Products You May Like

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