Fitness Workout for Women

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This morning workout will surely invigorate your body and help wake you up by activating every muscle group in your body and increase your heart rate and metabolism.

These no-jumping routines will cover all the muscles in your body and get them ready for your day so it’s the perfect pick me up for every morning!

Good luck and let’s get moving!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:09 Arm Crossovers
00:56 Rest
01:13 Deadlifts
02:35 Rest
02:52 Fire Hydrant Left
03:40 Fire Hydrant Right
04:28 Rest
04:45 Back Squeeze
05:35 Rest
05:52 Fly Squat
06:33 Rest
06:50 Chest Fly
07:49 Rest
08:11 High Knee Jacks
08:44 Rest
09:01 Shoulder Circles
09:44 Rest
10:01 Arm Crossovers
10:41 Rest
10:58 Deadlifts
12:21 Rest
12:38 Fire Hydrant Left
13:26 Fire Hydrant Right
14:13 Rest
14:31 Back Squeeze
15:22 Rest
15:39 Fly Squat
16:19 Rest
16:36 Chest Fly
17:35 Rest
17:52 High Knee Jacks
18:26 Rest
18:43 Shoulder Circles
19:26 Rest
19:43 Side Lunge Windmill
20:10 Rest
20:27 Bird Dog

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