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How can you use math to build your mental fitness?

People often talk about wanting to increase their physical fitness—they want to be more flexible, agile, and have more energy, but what about being mentally fit? One of the greatest exercises we can do to build our mental fitness is math. Aside from boosting our brainpower, math can also build our confidence, make us feel capable, and help us to tackle obstacles in other areas of our lives.

You might know Danica from her role as Winnie Cooper in Wonder Years, but what you might not know is that in addition to her lifelong acting career, Danica is an internationally-recognized mathematician, New York Times best-selling author and advocate for math education.

In this conversation, we explain how you can build mental fitness through math, and gain confidence that nobody will be able to take from you. We’ll talk about how math can help you to overcome life’s obstacles and feel more capable. Lastly, we’ll tell how you can rebrand math so it is no longer something to fear.

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