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The 3 Best Ever Effective Fat Burning Exercise Programs. You will see in this video that
is suited for men and women.
3 Best Ever Fat Burning Exercise Programs For Men & Women:
1. Strength Training – Resistance, Weight or Strength training involves the performance
of physical exercises with the use of your own body weight or equipment to build
muscle mass, strength and endurance.
– Body weight – Using your own body weight to do various exercises i.e squats,
push ups, lunges, planks and pull ups.
– Equipment – Using various equipment like Resistance bands and Loop Bands –
rubber bands that gives resistance when stretched, Free weights (i.e. Kettlebells,
Barbells, Dumbbells, Gym Balls, and or any objects that you can use in your house), Suspension equipment – composed of straps and ropes that are attached to a sturdy
point in which a person uses their gravity and body weight to execute various
exercises, Weight machines – these machines like hydraulic or adjustable weights
that are anchored to provide resistance and tension to the muscles.In Strength
Training, some estimates that each pound of muscle tissue added to the body
burns an extra 50 calories per day. The more muscle you build, the more calories
your body will automatically burn all the time everyday.

2. HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training, this form of exercise involves
the repetition of short, intense burst of activity followed by brief rest periods, i.e.
sprinting full speed for 10 seconds followed by walking at a slow pace for 20
seconds and repeated the exercise 10 rounds. As they say, HIIT burns more
calories than aerobics or cardio exercises. HIIT induces metabolic effect,
increasing a slew of hormones such as adrenaline and testosterone, which
promote an increase in the burning of fat, with the after burn effect that continues
even hours after the workout ends.

3. Walking – Using your own two feet to go from point A to point B is the unsung
hero of burning fat. Walking doesn’t need to be considered an exercise program,
just do MORE of it. Take the stairs, walk to lunch and enjoy a stroll down the
sidewalk in your neighbourhood. Walk those calories away, the extra fuel burn
quickly begins to add up.

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