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Get ready for these resistance band workouts for men and women with Dr. Tremaine Young and team TFT. http://TFTFIT.COM/

The Tension Fit10 Extreme Workout was designed to allow you to make the world your gym. No matter where you go, TFT goes with you. Indoor/outdoor and anywhere you can think of, because your exercises should not be less impactful due to limitations of a device, location, or time. Be sure to review the setup video, located on the “Videos” page, before your workout to learn how to properly setup your TFT. It’s time to take your training where you want to be to maximize your level of fitness!

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The TFT Story

The TFT (Tension Fit Trainer) Story starts with its inventor Dr. Tremaine Young. Dr. Young is a primary care physician who before becoming a healthcare practitioner earned an Engineering degree and excelled in that discipline for several years. Dr. Young prides himself on being an unconditional participant and promoter of peak performance in total well being. With an engineering mind coupled with a passionate approach to health, fitness, and athletic excellence it was only natural that Dr. Young would create the TFT.

The fundamental purpose of the TFT is to provide an apparatus that will support each individuals goal to achieve peak performance in all realms of health, fitness, and athletics. The TFT is a one of a kind device that eliminates the barriers of out dated fitness dogmas. It’s no longer about just doing 3 sets of 10, working out for over a hour, paying for a gym membership that you rarely use, and trust, you don’t have to be INSANE to reach your goals.

Whether your focus is muscular strength, core function, cardio elevation, stamina sustainability, rehab adaptation, functional flexibility, and/or plyometric performance; the TFT patent pending design is devised to fulfill the totality of these elements.

The TFT utilizes tension force to properly provide for muscle coordination and dynamic muscle recruitment. It is within this congruent harmony when using the TFT that allows for increased strength and definition while equally providing an off the chart calorie burn.

The versatility that the TFT offers is bar none. It provides proper muscle engagement for all of the body’s static positions and kinetic movements. It’s equipped to deliver functional fit tension, and suspension forces that give the individual user total control, and optimum muscle activity . The TFT portability allows one to take it with them wherever they go. Its user friendly construction delivers limitless possibilities to safely secure the TFT when performing its infinite array of exercises.

Now that you know the story, don’t hesitate to become an instrumental part of the story. The TFT is for all and will intensify positive change in all!!! Let your own Tension story commence.

Products You May Like

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